Through the vehicle of figural painting, Fraser’s work offers glimpses of a larger narrative – a narrative not so much incomplete as interrupted. Inspired by ambiguity, discomfort and the potential for violence and desire, her work is organized around a variety of motifs including gender, power relationships, eroticization and introversion. 

With the use of only male figures, the work forces the viewer to confront their gender biases. How differently would each piece be interpreted if some of the figures were female? How would the power dynamics and emotional weight change? Is the interaction of the male figures discomfiting? Would the viewer be more comfortable seeing a female figure objectified, endangered or protected? 

By exploring moments of decision or regret during action that threatens to spin out of control, the work imparts a sense of uneasiness. It is the tension between the promised idyll and reality – between safety and danger, comfort and confrontation, protection and peril, between our ingrained expectations and our lofty ideals.

Fraser is a Chicago-based artist.